Vicenza White Chrome Ceiling Panels In A Gym

This was an interesting installation that undertaken by one of our customers. They used our Vicenza White Chrome ceiling panels in a gym.

Not only was the ceiling very long but it was also curved which posed two sets of problems.

Vicenza White Chrome Ceiling Panels In A Gym

ceiling panels in a gym

Before And After The Ceiling Panels Are Installed

The second photo, above, highlights one of the problems that our customer was experiencing. This is a common problem in areas where there is high humidity.

In this case the location was a commercial gym in a hotel and you can see that the condensation had caused problems. The paint was constantly flaking off and needing to be re-applied. They were looking for a good-looking, but more importantly, permanent solution.

They opted to use our Vicenza White Chrome panels and installed them in a way that enabled them to follow the curve of the ceiling. The ceiling panels were too short for the room so they were joined end on end where required to enable the whole span to be covered.


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