Tile Gallery 5

Bathroom Cladding Installed In A Cubicle Instead Place Of Tiles

Very often we have customers who have just given up on tiles and want a modern alternative. Showers are an area where the demands of the application can be very frustrating when tiles start to let you down with mouldy grout and eventually damage to the underlying sub-surface. Our bathroom cladding comes into its own when it comes to shower cubicles as it is very quick and easy to fix and can be used in even the tightest of spots. Some larger, sheet panels are solid and heavy and can prove to be very tricky to manoeuvre in enclosed spaces. PVC panels are smaller lighter and can also be flexed slightly if required to help the installer get them into position.

The shower cubicle shown above would be a tricky proposition for large laminate sheet panels but PVC cladding fits in with no problems. The cubicle has been stripped of its tiles in the first photo ready for the re-fit. The finished job, using Spaceline Silver Grey panels, was a complete success.