Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Our tile effect bathroom wall panels are one of the most popular options with our customers.

Each panel has a tile effect printed along the length in two columns. The tiles in each column are offset giving a staggered pattern – the pattern is staggered to make installation easier as trying line up a continuous horizontal line is next to impossible especially if the walls are not perfectly level – click here for more info. Having a continuous line at the edge of each panel helps to disguise the joint – they are much less noticeable than it would be with a plain or marble effect panel.

Where ceramic bathroom wall tiles can require extensive preparation before they can be fitted our tile effect panels are much more forgiving and require little or no preparation work prior to installing.

As well as the tile effect panels we also have a range of mosaic effect panels which can be used on their own or are ideal for using in conjunction with other designs to lend emphasis to certain areas.

By mimicking the look of tiles this bathroom wall panel design will provide you with a hassle-free bathroom with none of the disadvantages associated with tiles.