Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels


tile effect panels


Our tile effect bathroom wall panels are a perfect combination. They provide the look of tiles, that so many people want for their bathroom, but offer all of the practicalities and advantages of a modern wall panel system.

Here are a few examples to show you the range of effects that can be achieved using panels.



The examples above give you a great idea of the types of effect that you can achieve with wall panels.

In the first example we see a mosaic tile effect panel used above the basin area and also inside the shower cubicle. The rest of the room is finished in a much lighter coloured panel to emphasise the difference.

Example 2 has a larger tile design. By using a modern 3D printing technique a very realistic looking grout line can be achieved.

The shower in example 3 has used a two-tone designs by employing one lighter and one darker panel. This is a great technique used as a way of adding visual interest in a bathroom design.

Mosaic tiles can be a nightmare in the bathroom as there is so much grout – and grout can cause problems. But the mosaic design in example 4 is actually a wall panel so there is no grout used at all.

The panels are hugely popular with our customers. We wish the manufactures would make a lot more!

You have various options open to you when you chose to use our tile effect panels. It is possible to create a feature wall using the panels and use a plainer design around the rest of the room. You can mix and match the same design but in different shades – such as our Modern Deco panels.

Installing Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

With the addition of the Vox range of panels we can now offer tile effect bathroom wall panels that can be fitted in several ways.

Previously the Florentine range had a staggered tile pattern built into the design. This lent itself perfectly to a random installation approach. This was ideal as those panels are printed by roller meaning there could be slight variations in the tile size. Although these would be very small they made obtaining a continuous datum line around the room hard work. The Vox range are digitally printed making it a much more accurate system. This enables the panels to be fitted more like actual tiles with a continuous line around the room – click here for more info.

tile effect bathroom wall panels



Use In Conjunction With Mosaic Panels

Having a continuous grout line at the edge of each panel helps to disguise the joint – they are much less noticeable than it would be with a plain or marble effect panel.

Where ceramic bathroom wall tiles require extensive preparation before they can be fitted our tile effect panels are much more forgiving and require little or no preparation work prior to installing.

As well as the tile effect panels we also have a range of mosaic effect panels which can be used on their own or are ideal for using in conjunction with other designs to lend emphasis to certain areas.

By mimicking the look of tiles this bathroom wall panel design will provide you with a hassle-free bathroom with none of the disadvantages associated with tiles.