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Waterproof Shower Wall Panels

Shower cubicles should be 100 percent waterproof but many customers find problems with leaks especially in the long term - movement in the tray and cracked grout are two of the main culprits that cause issues.

By ensuring the shower tray is rock-solid and updating the wall covering to a modern wall panelling system you should ensure the integrity of your cubicle for years and years.

The shower wall panels sold by The Bathroom Marquee are made from UPVC which is 100 percent waterproof. Each panel slots in the next one without the need for grout - because there is no grout there is no maintenance and the panels are extremely easy to keep clean.

All of our panels are suitable for use in showers - click here to find out more.

As with any bathroom product it is essential that all of the components are installed correctly to ensure a waterproof finish.

Firstly the shower tray must be installed securely - there must be no movement at all. It should be sealed against the existing wall fully so that no water can get down between the tray and the wall.

Secondly the panels should installed with a smear of silicone sealant inside each groove (where it cannot be seen). Ensuring no water can escape through the joint.

Thirdly the panels should be run down on to the top of tray surface and sealed again on the front where they meet the tray so that you effectively have two seals..

Finally it is vital to seal vertical joints where the panels meet the shower cubicle frame and in the corners. Trims are available to use in conjunction with the wall panels - see our technical pages for more information.

If the above steps are followed carefully and your shower tray is installed correctly then there is no reason why your shower walls should not be 100 percent waterproof.

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