Shower Wall Panel Sizes

shower wall panel sizes

When it comes to covering shower walls with our panels you have two choices: choose a panel that covers the whole wall in one piece or choose smaller panels that slot together to achieve the same result.

Both versions have pros and cons but in some people’s minds the larger panels are best because there are no joins. We have been selling the smaller panels for over 20 years and can say with authority that the joints in the smaller panels are not an issue – at all – so we would just recommend that you choose the panel you best  like the look of, as they will all perform the task perfectly well, with or without joints.

Some examples of the various sizes available are shown in the following table:

Panel Range

Dimensions (L x W x Thickness)

Vicenza Marble Panel

2.6m x 250mm x 10mm

Spaceline Marble

2.7m x 250mm x 10mm

Neptune Shower Panels

2.4m x 1000mm x 10mm

Labo Gloss White

6.0m x 250mm x 10mm