Shower Cubicle Ceiling

As well as the tray, shower doors and showering system you should also take a minute to think about the walls and ceiling of your cubicle installation. One of the main reasons customers choose our waterproof wall panels for is the fact that it requires no maintenance due to its easy-to-clean, wipe-over surface.

This is good news for those who have a shower cubicle because tiles and grout can prove to be problematic in these situations so this is the ideal modern alternative. One area that often gets overlooked when planning a maintenance-free bathroom is the ceiling. Showers produce a great deal of moist warm air which can lead to painted surfaces
developing mould spots or damp patches especially above a cubicle. One solution is to fit our panels to the ceiling as well. One of the most popular options is to use a white panel on the ceiling and a coloured or marble effect panel on the walls but the above customer decided to stick with the one colour and use it on the ceiling above the shower cubicle as well and the finished result is pretty good!