Shower Ceiling Cladding

Water should fall downwards in a shower but unfortunately some also travels upward! Deflected spray, especially if you are using a power shower, can bounce off surfaces and end up splashing the ceiling. Most ceiling materials have a hard time coping with this but our ceiling cladding has no issues whatsoever.

shower ceiling cladding2 - Shower Ceiling Cladding

Shower ceiling cladding is made from PVC so is impervious to water and each piece slots into the next to provide a waterproof surface that will be unaffected by the conditions. We have a range of different colours and patterns although white is by far the most popular choice for ceilings but even here we have plenty of choice with different shades of white, matt or gloss finishes and flush or panelled effects available.

We have cladding in longer lengths to enable it to be used as a bathroom ceiling cladding in larger rooms without the need to join the panels end on end (which is not ideal). They can be attached directly to the existing ceiling or fitted to battens if required.

 You can fit the cladding to the ceiling above the shower cubicle or it can be installed around the whole ceiling – it is up to you. What we would point out however is that the more cladding you install the less maintenance worries you will have in the long run.

Why Choose Shower Ceiling Cladding?

Because shower ceiling cladding is the best covering for the job. It is as simple as that. Is it relatively cheap and it is easy to fit. It looks good and stays looking good. It is perfectly suited to the environment and will not be degraded by it – unlike all of the other materials.

We have many different designs to choose from so whether you want something unobtrusive or if you want to make a feature of the ceiling we will have something suitable for you.