Selkie Sorrento Shower Panels

Selkie Rearolite Panels – Currently Unavailable.

There is currently a problem with supplying these panels – please see the following page for an alternative:

Neptune Pergamon Shower Panels
Selkie panels are made from a lightweight foam core sandwiched between two sheets of laminate. They are ideal for use in shower cubicles or around the bathroom as a waterproof wall panel.

The construction of this shower panel has many advantages over the standard MDF or ply core panels:

  •  lightweight but rigid
  •  weight only one third of a standard panel
  •  lightweight but very rigid
  •  completely impervious to water

Due to the nature of the construction these shower panels they are only available with a square edge finish – they are not tongue and grooved – so you would need to use a trim if joining panels together on a run.