UPVC Cladding

The Bathroom Marquee specialize in UPVC cladding that can be used in any internal room. UPVC cladding has the unique ability to transform any room, and its maintenance free surface means it will stay looking good for years. It is totally waterproof so upvc cladding is ideal for use in bathrooms and showers.

Pink Marble upvc cladding


UPVC Cladding - Kitchens

UPVC cladding can be used very effectively in kitchens and will provide an extremely attractive easy to clean, grout free surface. Our upvc cladding has a European M1 fire rating and will resist heat up to 60 degrees Centigrade - the only thing to remember is that like most plastic it is liable to melt or warp if exposed to direct heat such as kitchen hobs or central heating boilers.

Hygienic UPVC Wall Cladding

Upvc cladding is can be installed quickly and easily and with little or no preparation work required can prove very cost effective, even when installed in large areas. Our upvc cladding is suitable for use as a hygienic wall panelling system for use in food preparation areas. Being of upvc tongue and groove construction  there is no grout to harbour gems or bacteria.

UPVC Ceiling Cladding

Anyone who has painted a ceiling will appreciate the maintenance free qualities of our upvc cladding. All of the cladding in our range can be used as ceiling panels, but some work better than others on the ceiling. As a general rule light, matt finishes work best but try to avoid using the same panels on the walls and ceiling - it can end up looking like a mausoleum!

UPVC Cladding - Bathrooms

UPVC cladding is warm to the touch so condensation will not form on it, therefore mould growth is inhibited. It is therefore very well suited to areas of the house with high humidity such as the bathroom, but bathroom cladding is equally effective in a showe room, kitchen, wet room or utility room. UPVC cladding just has no grout so cleaning is simplicity itslef, just a quick wipe over with soapy water. Upvc cladding's honeycomb structure lends a degree of heat and noise insulation to any surface to which it is attached.


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