Panels For Kitchen Walls

There are several rooms in the home where the wall covering is really tested to its limits. Bathrooms are a popular application but kitchens come a close second as the cooking process can produce large amounts of steam which then condenses on the wall causing all sorts of problems if not dealt with correctly.

Extraction is vital in a kitchen to remove the moisture from the air but many extractor hoods merely filter the air and are not installed with any ducting to remove the moist air outside. This results in humid air that condenses on cold surfaces such as tiles. This in turn can lead to problems with the grout as these are idea conditions for mould to take root.

Our wall panels use no grout so there is nowhere for it to establish itself. They are also very easy to clean with a wipe-over maintenance free surface which is just perfect for today’s kitchens. The panels are made from PVC so they cannot be used behind an open hob or anywhere they would be subjected to temperatures above 60 degrees centigrade.

Other designs are available that are perfect for use in living rooms as well as our full range of bathroom wall panels.