Mosaic Tiles In The Bathroom?

carrara white mosaic tiles effect panels


this bathroom is not tiled – it has been fitted with mosaic effect waterproof wall panels


So what is the main advantage of using these rather than tiles?

Well, the main reason is grout.

Grout has a nasty habit of attracting mould and mildew over time. Once this starts it is almost impossible to stop and will need constant attention to keep it looking clean.

Mosaic tiled walls are a particular problem as they have a lot of grout compared with standard sized tiles. So it is even more of an issue in these situations.

We have a range of beautiful tile-effect panels that will enhance any bathroom design and will also eliminate any maintenance headaches for you completely.




tile effect bathroom wall panels example 2




tile effect bathroom wall panels example 3




tile effect bathroom wall panels example 1




Modern Deco mosaic bathroom wall panels







tile effect bathroom wall panels




Are There Any Other Benefits?


There are a number of extra benefits that come with wall panels.

Installation is their next great plus-point. Tiles need a smooth hard surface to ensure a good bond and straight grout lines.

Bathroom wall panels can go up over virtually anything: Artex, tiles, plaster, stone-work, timber cladding, wallpaper – the list goes on and on.

The preparation that is needed for tiling is the usually the most costly (and messy) part of the whole process of bathroom refurbishment. It puts lots of people off ever undertaking a makeover – they would rather stick with what they have got.

We are bathroom wall panelling experts. We have years of experience  in both selling and installing this material. So get in touch today whether it is just to find out a bit more about the product and how it works.