Leak-Free Shower Cubicles

NEW! from The Bathroom Marquee: leak-proof shower cubicles.

Shower cubicles can be problematic if not installed perfectly – especially when used in conjunction with tiles as any slight movement in the tray or frame can result in grout cracking and water escaping. One of the biggest headaches is achieving a long lasting, waterproof seal between the shower tray and the wall – but not with our cubicles. They completely eliminate this issue because there is no joint between the tray and the wall:
the tray is moulded to the wall as one piece.

The material resists the build up of lime-scale and is strong and durable. Our shower cubicles are very easy to install. The tray is completely self supporting, no need for mortar.

We have a range of styles, colours and sizes so there is something to suit all bathrooms – click here to find out more