Kitchen Wall Cladding and Panelling

We have a large range of kitchen wall cladding that provide a hygienic, wipe over surface that is easy to clean.

Any room in the house that experiences a lot of condensation can suffer adversely from mould problems. Modern double glazed homes and a lack of extraction means that condensation has nowhere to go and will settle on cold surfaces. Tile grout is the first place to show visible signs of attack, so an alternative wall covering can be used to try and circumvent this problem.


Kitchen wall cladding has no grout to turn mouldy so it is hygienic and very easy to install. Even though a kitchen might be quite large, a great deal of the surface area of the walls is taken up with cupboards, so the actual area that needs to be covered can be quite small. We would normally install the wall cladding after the kitchen units have been fitted to minimise the amount required whereas bathroom wall cladding is normally installed behind the fixtures such as basins and toilets (but not the bath or shower tray).

As well as cladding the wall areas the panels are also perfectly suitable for use on the ceiling, which will give you yet another area that you will not have to worry about for years to come – once these panels are up, they look good and stay looking good. And of course it is in bathrooms where cladding really excels and its waterproof qualities come to the fore.

If it could be used behind a hob the cladding would be the perfect product for kitchen walls. But this is its only real shortcoming and this can be easily overcome with and alternative covering for this area.


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