Kitchen Ceiling Cladding

Any product used on a kitchen ceiling needs to be hard wearing and durable. It also needs to be easy to clean which is why our kitchen ceiling cladding is the perfect choice.

Other, more traditional, ceilings can take up a lot of time as over the long run they can require extra work carried out to keep them looking good. All that is required of our ceiling cladding is that you give it a wipe over with a damp cloth occasionally. No p[ainting, scraping, sanding, varnishing.

It is unaffected by the humid conditions found in kitchens. It is made from PVC so it is completely waterproof which is why it is often used as a shower ceiling cladding.

Although we specialise in bathrooms all of our ceiling cladding products can be fitted in kitchens – and are also ideal for use on the walls. When installing in kitchens it must not be installed in situations where it would be subject to temperatures above 60deg c as it will start to deform and discolour – behind an open hob or above a boiler for example (use an alternative product in these areas).

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