Tile Effect Panels – Florentine Beige

Tiles are still the most popular form of bathroom wall covering but with designs like Florentine now available, cladding is quickly catching up. This design provides a grouted tile effect without any of the common downsides of tiling – grout failing, staining and turning mouldy.

Florentine panels give a staggered tile effect which makes fitting slightly easier than would be the case if all horizontal lines had to meet at the same height. The picture above shows the cladding used in a traditional bathroom but it works equally as well in a more modern setting. The customer has opted to line up every other tile in this instance but a random pattern can also be employed which makes for a slightly easier installation and only a slight variation in the finished effect – see the following page for more information: tile effects.

If you are still undecided about how to decorate your bathroom hopefully our tiles page can persuade you to opt for cladding as the modern alternative.