Folding Shower Door

When space is limited in a bathroom then you need to look at some of the space-saving designs that can be utilised to ensure your shower does not take over the room. A lot of cubicles utilise a hinged shower door but it is not always possible to use these as basins, toilets or other furniture can impede their opening. Having a folding shower door that opens into the cubicle instead of out into the room is one way around this whilst maintaining a practical and attractive finish.
Here we see that the shower has been built into a recess so that the door only has to span the front of the enclosure – the 3 remaining sides are solid walls. These have been finished with waterproof shower wall panels supplied by The Bathroom Marquee – in this case they decided to choose Spaceline Beige which is a light coloured panel to ensure the cubicle felt as light and bright as possible.

The customer chose to use the panels inside the cubicle only – and used bathroom tiles for the rest of the room (you can just make out some of them on the left of the image). Light coloured panels such as Spaceline Beige are ideal for this as they are very neutral in colour and will tie-in with most white/marble tile effects.