En-Suite Shower

Most en-suites are quite compact and quite often have no window. A light-coloured shower wall panel is ideal in these situations as the will help to keep the room bright and airy and will also provide other benefits for householders. The panels are warm to the touch and so it is more difficult for condensation to form on them. There is no grout, which, coupled with the lack of condensation means there are no problems with mould growth. They are extremely easy to clean – just requiring a quick wipe over with a soft cloth. Wall panels are also totally waterproof so they are ideal for use in showers. The small dimensions will almost always dictate that there will be no room for a bath so a cubicle will be needed.

In many en-suite situations the room will be quite narrow so rather than needing a shower cubicle with 2 or 3 glass sides all that is needed is a door across the front of the tray running wall to wall. In many cases the en-suite will have been built to a size to ensure the width is that of a standard shower door to ensure an off-the-shelf solution is available with needing to build-out the walls. The frame of the shower door will also offer a degree of adjustment to make sure a perfect fit can be achieved. The shower cubicle in the above installation illustrates this perfectly:

  • the shower door has been fitted wall to wall
  • the shower cubicle frame covers-up any gaps
  • a folding shower door has been used which doesn’t intrude into the limited space
  • a light coloured wall panels keeps the whole design nice and bright

resulting in a finished job that looks made-to-measure. The wall-hung wash hand basin is small and unobtrusive. The low angle of the shot perfectly illustrates how it is best to run the supply and waste pipes to the basin from behind as all of this pipework would have to be run down to floor level and would spoil the neat appearance.