Cubicle Walls

Unless are buying a self-contained shower cubicle, such as our leak-free models, you will need to pay attention the walls of your shower as they are going to need to be waterproof to avoid problems caused by water damage. It sounds obvious but we have seen many instances of customers showering with walls covered with painted plaster or even wallpaper – these wall coverings are splash proof at best and will fail if exposed to continuous use in a shower, as proved to be the case.

The most common method of lining shower walls has been to tile the area using ceramic bathroom tiles. You would think that this would be the ideal solution but there are several problems with tiles, mainly caused by the grout used to fill the gap between each tile. When grout is applied it is spread over the surface of the tiles and forced into the gaps, usually using a grout spreader with a flexible blade, and then smoothed over and sponged to remove excess. Unless care is taken, this process can lead to small gaps and pin-holes in the grout. Obviously if these holes penetrate the full depth of the joint water can get behind the tile and start to cause problems, but even shallow holes can lead to retained moisture which will lead to mould growth. Mosaic tiles are especially prone as there is a lot of grout compared to the
total tile surface area.

An easier solution is to opt for a waterproof shower wall panel system, which will eliminate the need for grout and are even available in a mosaic effect finish as seen in the image above.

Shower cubicle walls are subjected to very moist conditions so it is vital that they stand up to the job without having to resort to constant attention to maintain the appearance. Grout is the real weak spot in a tiled wall but wall panels have no grout so this problem is eliminated. We have lots of designs from the dramatic, such as black sparkle effect panels, to the light and subtle, such as Spaceline Silver Grey (ideal if you need to keep the room light an airy, for example if you are fitting an en-suite shower). Back to shower cubicle gallery