Ceiling Panels from The Bathroom Marquee

All of the panels sold by The Bathroom Marquee can be used on ceilings – although some designs are more popular than others – white or light coloured panels are most commonly used for this application. We have gloss white, matt white, white with chrome strips, wood effects and marble effects. We have thousands of satisfied customers – you can see some example of their work in our Customer Gallery and read what they think about our products and our service in our Testimonials page.

The panels are easy to install and easy to live with as they require no maintenance making life easier for you.

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Whiteline Ceiling Panels
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White Ash Ceiling Panel
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Why Choose Ceiling Panels?

There are a whole host of reasons that you should choose panels over some of the more traditional ceiling covering – here are just a few:

  • No Maintenence – once they are up you can forget about them
  • No Scrubbing – – they have an easy to clean wipe over surface
  • Easy to Fit – they can installed over most surfaces including some problematic ones
  • They Look Amazing – whether you want to make a feature of the ceiling or want it to fade into the background
  • Use Them Anywhere – bathrooms, showers, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways
  • 100% Recyclable – if you ever want to remove or swap them over then our ceiling panels can be recycled easily
  • Cost Effective – our ceiling panels are cheap, especially when you consider they are quick to fit and require no preparation

The Benefits For You

Fit and forget – that’s the motto for everything we sell and these panels are no exception.  They do not warp, split or rot and will not allow mould to grow in them.

Cleaning is simplicity itself – just wipe over with a damp cloth. If you are using the panels in more challenging areas such as kitchens then any non-abrasive cleaning solution can be used to help break down any greasy deposits.

We have some really eye-catching designs within our range but we also have styles that just blend in without making a fuss. Our matt white panels just look like painted plaster but without any of the drawbacks.

Bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens benefit the most from our panels but you do not have to limit their use to just these rooms. They can be all around the home and are also used regularly in commercial environments such as offices.

If you ever decide you want a change then the panels are totally recyclable – they can even be re-used elsewhere if they were installed using screws or staples. Price wise, the panels work out a lot cheaper than many other options, especially when you factor in the longevity of the product.

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Panelling Designs

We have ceiling panels in a variety of designs. White finishes are available in matt or gloss finishes as well as wood grain effect and panels with chrome strips to make a feature of your ceiling. You might be looking to make a feature of your ceiling or you might just want it to fade into the background.

Either way we have plenty of options for you on our designs page

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Ceiling Panel Installation

Quick, clean with little or no preparation needed. Our ceiling panels can be installed by any competent DIYer or tradesman. Simply measure, cut and fix. It is possible to install them over existing finishes such as texturing compound or wooden cladding so they are ideal for freshening up a tired old ceiling. And remember that once they are installed, there will be no maintenance, no painting and no mould.

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Panels Can Be Used All Around The Home

Our ceiling panels do not have to be restricted to use in the bathroom – they are ideal for use all around the home. Kitchens are the next most obvious area as the panels’ waterproof, easy clean, wipe-over properties are ideally suited to the steamy conditions found in most kitchens.  We have several matt finish panels which lend themselves to use in living areas and our matt white Blanca range are a perfect substitute for a painted plaster ceiling – but without the need to re-paint every couple of years.

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Many of the images that you will see on on our website will show the panels being used in conjunction with recessed lightning. These do look extremely attractive and are economical to run. There are a few details that you need to be aware of when fitting this type of lighting. We recommend visiting the following page for more information:


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*must be purchased in pack quantities – 10 panels per pack