Ceiling Panel Trims

If panels are being installed on the ceiling then it is sometimes beneficial to use a trim to finish-off around the edges. These trims are purely decorative and are not essential to the installation. The panels are easy to cut – so providing they are cut accurately they can just be finished off with a sealant around the perimeter (below left). If you are less confident in your cutting skills you can use a trim around the perimeter which will help conceal any small gaps and provide a neat finish in your bathroom such as Decos Coving Trim.

Decos Trims are designed to be used with Decos panels and can also be used with the Neptune range. The trims commonly used with ceilings are:

  • Decos Coving Trim
  • Decos Capping Trim

Decos Coving is a 1 part trim and is designed to clip onto the top of Decos wall panels. It is possible to use this trim in conjunction when installing ceiling panels – the easiest way of using them, in our opinion, is to cut off the locating channel at the back and just stick them in place once the ceiling panels have been fitted. The same applies to Decos Capping which is also a 1 part trim. A mitre block or mitre saw is needed to cut the corners – we recommend inserting a scrap piece of panelling into the groove while you are mitring to ensure the trim stays square during the cutting process.