Ceiling Cladding


Our cladding is a truly adaptable product. Although it is used extensively on bathroom walls it is also the perfect choice for anyone who never wants to paint a ceiling again. Ceiling cladding is completely maintenance free. All that is required is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth now and again. Installation is a piece of cake with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

It is perfect for use as a bathroom cladding but can also be used on the ceilings of kitchens and shower rooms.

Bathroom Ceiling Cladding

Any material used for lining a bathroom ceiling suffers a constant bombardment of changes in temperature and high levels of moisture. This tests any material as the conditions are quite unforgiving. As a consequence many products are not up to scratch but bathroom ceiling cladding is perfect for the job.

bathroom ceiling cladding

Shower Ceiling Cladding

Most ceilings are not designed to get wet but this is inevitable in areas above showers where deflected spray can end up damaging traditional coverings. Our cladding is made to measure for this application as being made from plastic it is unaffected by the water.

shower ceiling cladding

Kitchen Celing Cladding

Another room where high levels of moisture can cause havoc with the ceiling – use cladding and eliminate all of the usual problems of peeling paint, damp spots and flaking plaster in one fell swoop.

kitchen ceiling cladding