Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels

Our wall panels will totally transform any bathroom with their stunning looks and easy to live with, maintenance-free qualities. We have a huge range of different designs, colours and sizes with something to suit every taste and budget.

All of the panels we sell are suitable for use in bathrooms – even inside shower areas, cubicles and enclosures. Our panels can also be used on ceilings (apart from Neptune which is a little too heavy).

The panels are easily installed on any type of wall and can even be fitted over existing tiles so there is a lot less disruption and mess than re-tiling the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Panels v Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles look very attractive when freshly installed with clean, white grout lines setting off the new tiled walls. The grout, however, can prove to be problematic in the long run – it can be difficult to keep clean and this in turn can lead to the grout discolouring and eventually mould growing in the grout. This is why our range of bathroom wall panels is so popular – they eliminate the need for grout, resulting in a surface that requires no maintenance and will continue to look good for years. We even have a range of panels that look like tiles – see the designs section below for more details.

How To Select The Best Wall Panel For Your Bathroom

Wall panels come in a variety of designs, colours, materials and sizes which is great if you know what you want but can prove a little daunting if you are not sure what would be best for your bathroom. If you need any advice on choosing your panels, installation issues, measuring your room or estimating quantities, please give us a ring and we will do everything we can to help – 029 2056 0949

Bathroom Wall Panel Designs

Our panels are available in several different designs including marble, mosaic and tile effects

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Bathroom Wall Panel Colours

There are a wide choice of colours in our range, specifically tailored to the typical bathroom palette

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Bathroom Wall Panel Materials

Bathroom panels can be made from quite a few different materials so we have listed details on each type

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Bathroom Wall Panel Sizes

The sizes of our panels vary with different widths, lengths and thicknesses

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