Bathroom Wall Panels - The Perfect Alternative To Tiles


Our bathroom wall panels will totally transform any room with their stunning looks and easy-to-live-with, maintenance-free qualities. We have a huge range of different designs, colours and sizes with something to suit every taste and budget. Here are some of the most popular designs with our customers:

vicenza grey bathroom wall panels

Vicenza Grey Marble
easy to install panelling – can be fitted directly over tiles



carrara mosaic effect bathroom wall panels

Carrara White Mosaic
white marble mosaic effect bathroom wall panels



sparkle effect wall panels

Vicenza White Sparkle
add some sparkle with these eye-catching bathroom panels



Filo tle effect bathroom wall panels

Filo Tile Effect Panels
looks like tiles but is actually bathroom panelling








wall panels special offers
panel samples

Many people are reluctant to switch from tiles because they like of the look of them so much. Well, we have within our range tile effect bathroom wall panels that look exactly like tiles but with none of the drawbacks.  Click here to find out more –



Marmo bathroom wall panels

bathroom wall panels tile effect

We Know What We Are Talking About

The Bathroom Marquee has been selling bathroom wall panels for 20 years. Our wealth of experience ensures that we offer friendly, knowledgeable, professional advice. We only sell products that we would be happy using ourselves. So you can be sure that even our cheapest panels will be up to the job.


We have thousands of satisfied customers. But don’t just take our word for it – you can see for yourself some examples of their work using our panels in our Customer Gallery and read what they think about our products and our service in our Testimonials page.

We pay particular attention to the quality of all of the products that we sell. Here, at The Bathroom Marquee, we do not like problems so we do not sell products that cause problems. In fact quite the reverse is true – we sell products that solve problems and our bathroom wall panels are no exception.

All of the panels sold by us can be used in bathrooms – they are all 100% waterproof and are totally unaffected by water (so unlike many wood based systems they will not warp, rot or swell due to water damage).

They can be fitted over existing tiles so there is a lot less disruption and mess than re-tiling the bathroom.


bathroom wall panels – no grout, no mould, no maintenance


We believe in good, old-fashioned service. To able to do this we have to sell products that we have faith in. We would have no hesitation in recommending any of the products that we sell – if products are not of a quality that we would use ourselves we simply will not sell them.

If you have a specific requirement or require advice on any aspect of bathroom design, installation or specification please give us a ring. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the bathroom industry and will be only too happy to help.

Are Panels Better Than Tiles?


But then we would say that wouldn’t we! The reason that we started selling these panels in the first place is that we thought they overcame all of the problems associated with tiles and grout. There are so many reasons to switch to panels :

No Grout – this is a HUGE bonus. Tiles are great but grout is a nightmare.
Easy to Fit – the panels will fly up over any existing wall covering
No Condensation – they are warm to the touch so condensation does not form on them
Easy To Clean – no scrubbing, no bleaching, just a smooth, wipe over surface


bathroom wall panel range

bathroom wall panel gallery

Are The Panels Cheaper Than Tiles?

Yes – in most cases.

Some tiles are very expensive while some are very cheap therefore it is impossible to say with complete certainty. The square metre price of panels is similar to or less than that of tiles. However the big saving comes from  little or no preparation and hugely reduced installation times associated with panelling.

Tiles need to be installed on one day, grouted on another day and polished on yet another day. Panels can be up and finished in one go.

But panels are not designed to be cheaper than tiles. They are designed to be better than tiles. The cost saving is an additional bonus.

Which Design For Your Bathroom

Wall panels come in a variety of designs, colours, materials and sizes which is great if you know what you want but can prove a little daunting if you are not sure what would be best for your bathroom. They all essentially do the same job but so a lot of the choices will just be down to personal preference but there sometimes there are other factors that need to be taken into account.  If you need any advice on choosing your panels, installation issues, measuring your room or estimating quantities, please give us a ring and we will do everything we can to help – 029 2056 0949

bathroom wall panels designs

Our panels are available in a huge variety of different designs including marble, mosaic and tile effects.


bathroom wall panels - colours

There are a wide choice of colours in our range, specifically tailored to the typical bathroom palette

bathroom wall panels - sizes

The sizes of our panels vary with different widths, lengths and thicknesses

bathroom wall panels - materials

Bathroom panels can be made from quite a few different materials so we have listed details on each type

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