Bathroom Wall Panel Materials

Although wall panels are growing in popularity they are still an unknown quantity to many people. If you are thinking of installing panels in your bathroom then it can be a confusing exercise as there several different types of panel made from quite a few different materials. Although they all perform the same basic task, they each have different qualities that you need to be aware before making your decision.

We have concentrated on the four main panel types available for domestic use in the UK:

  • Laminate panels with an MDF or plywood core
  • Laminate panels with a foam core
  • Acrylic tile panels
  • UPVC hollow section panels

There are some other bathroom wall panels available but many require specialist installation so we will not be covering these in this section. All of the panel materials offer an easy to clean, maintenance-free wipe over surface but each has its pros and cons – see the following pages for more details:

Laminated Bathroom Wall Panels

Acrylic Tile Panels

PVC Panels