Bathroom Wall Panel Colours

In general, most bathroom designs tend to use a pretty limited palette when it comes to colour with light coloured marbles dominating the field, so our panel ranges tend to reflect this  . There are other, stronger colours available but the choice is much more restricted and bright, bold colours are almost entirely absent. One of the reasons for the lighter colours’ popularity is that a large proportion of bathrooms are quite small with limited natural light from small windows with obscured glass. Light coloured panels brighten up the room and keep it airy with as much light reflecting around the walls as possible.

Here we list the bathroom wall panel colours available in each of the broad colour categories in our range.

Grey Wall Panels

By far our most popular colour choice. Although there is some debate as to whether grey is a colour at all, the lack of colour works to its advantage as it means it remain very neutral and can be enhanced by adding stronger colours into the room by way of flooring, towels, rugs, blinds etc.

Panels available in grey include Spaceline, Firenze, Vicenza, Orion, Neptune

They are also available as tile effect and mosaic effect panels.

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Beige Bathroom Panels

Beige panels are ideal when you want to give a warmer look than you would achieve with a grey panel. They are extremely popular with our customers and consequently the manufacture provide quite a choice.

Panels available in beige include: Spaceline, Firenze, Vicenza, Orion, Ligno, Neptune

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Blue Bathroom Wall Panels

Blue has obvious connotations with water so has always been a popular choice in bathrooms. We do not have quite as many options for this colour panel but the following ranges have a blue colour: Spaceline, Mosaic, Vicenza, Ligno

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Black Bathroom Wall Panels

There has been a huge growth in popularity in black or very dark panels as they can have a huge visual impact and give a bathroom design a dramatic focus.

Pink Bathroom Wall Panels

We previously had a few options for pink wall panels but now only Spaceline has this option available.


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