Bathroom Flooring

Clever-Click is a solid vinyl flooring system. There is no wood or MDF used in its construction so there is nothing to warp, swell or rot should it come into contact with water. Each tile clicks into the next to provide a water-resistant floating floor that is simplicity itself to install – as can be seen in the photos below.

It is ideal for use throughout the home or office but the fact that it is unaffected by water means that it is bathrooms and kitchens where it is most popular as these areas will inevitably be affected by water spills at some time.

It can be installed directly onto concrete, timber, stone and many other sub-floors. The surface must be clean, dry, smooth, firm, level and free from any defects. A specialist foam underlay is available where the sub-floor is less than perfect.

Once laid, the floor can be easily cleaned by vacuuming and mopping – see the following PDF for more information – flooring installation and maintenance.