Bathroom Cladding Information

Bathroom Cladding Information

Bathroom cladding is a modern wall panel system. It is usually made from upvc and is tongue and grooved so that each panel slots into the next. It is light, easy to cut and easy to install and being made from plastic it is totally waterproof.
Cladding is the perfect choice for walls and ceilings in your bathroom. Our website holds a wealth of information on all aspects of cladding, be it installation, applications or specification.

Some extra information of bathroom cladding follows:

Bathroom Cladding Manufacturers

We choose our suppliers very carefully as there is a lot of cheap bathroom cladding entering the market and not all of it is of the best quality. At present we use two continental cladding manufacturers for the majority of our range – see our bathroom cladding manufacturers page for more details.

Bathroom Cladding Installer

We do not, at present, recommend any bathroom cladding installers directly as it is such an easy product to work with it can be installed by any tradesmen – it does not require any specialised knowledge or equipment. See our bathroom cladding installer page for more details.

Bathroom Cladding Supplier

We are nationwide cladding suppliers – we do not have branches around the country but we sell directly to all parts of the UK via our website. See our bathroom cladding supplier page for more details.

We hope our website has provided the information you need but if you need bathroom cladding explained in any more detail