Bathroom Ceiling Cladding

Painting a ceiling is not much fun – especially if it has a textured finish. Bathrooms are a particular problem as they can need constant attention brought on by the high humidity levels and condensation. Flaking paint, mould spots, cracking plaster-work are all common issues. Our bathroom ceiling cladding solves all of these problem permanently.

Ceiling cladding is a simple solution to this problem. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance. It will look good for years.

The panels can be fitted over existing ceiling coverings such as Artex, plaster or lath and plaster. Best practice  is to remove fragile coverings, such as polystyrene tiles, before fitting the cladding, although it is possible to fix through this type of surface using a mechanical fixing (nails, screws or long staples) if removal is a problem.

Why Choose Bathroom Ceiling Cladding?

Well, the simple answer is that it makes life easier for you.

People tend not to spend a great deal of their lives staring at bathroom ceilings! It is just something that is there – you simply do not notice it. If the ceiling has started to deteriorate, with mould spots or flaking paint then it will catch the eye. It will also require some work form you to put it right. One our bathroom ceiling cladding is installed you can forget about it. The choice of chrome stripe effects means you can also make a feature of the ceiling rather than just leaving it plain white – although this is an option for you as well.


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