Bath Panel – Pink Marble Effect


This suite was given the built-in treatment using Grosfillex Ambiance Pink Marble bathroom wall panels. Each panel has a contrast strip at the edge to make a feature of the joint rather than having a plain joint – in this case the panels have a white contrasting strip. This is very neat (about 5mm wide) but provides a little visual interest at each joint, which is ideal if you do not want the wall to look like one large “slab”. This acrylic bath had a slot under the rim to accept the panels which were then attached to a batten fitted on the floor under the bath. If you are thinking of trying this yourself make sure the slot exists (most acrylic baths have them but not all) and that the slot is large enough to take the panels (8mm for Vicenza panels 10mm for Decos panels).

Bath Panel Installation

If there is no slot on the bath you can still use cladding to make the panel.

The first method is to construct a framework for the panels. The panels can then be screwed, stapled or stuck onto the framework. We would recommend screws in this situation to enable the panels to be removed for access to the pipework should it ever be required.

The other option is to  fit the panelling to a piece of plywood to make one large panel. Using our cladding in this fashion means you end up with a much more rigid bath panel than the standard acrylic ones supplied with most bathroom suites. Again, this might fit into the slot under an acrylic bath but can be fixed to batten at either end if not.